“Spirited Sea”


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“Spirited Sea” was inspired by Debussy’s “La Mer”. This watercolor painting is a part of my series titled “Spirits of Animalia”, focusing on spirit animals in our beautiful natural world. This intense piece truly expresses the mysterious wonder of the sea. From serene calm water by the port to crashing waves in a perilous storm, I can nearly feel what it must be like to be water. The fluidity and liveliness of water gives the sea such variance depending on the atmosphere. The sea can be soothing as well as strike terror into the deepest depths of your soul, yet it is always beautiful. It has been quite a while since I’ve submerged into the healing water of the Ocean.  When creating this piece, I could almost hear the birdcalls in distant waves and smell the calming salty aroma of the ocean spray drifting in the wind…  It’s as though the Ocean is calling me.


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Dimensions 11.8 × 15.7 in


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