I learned so much from this painting, especially the true power of letting go of self-doubt! We are all capable of achieving even our wildest dreams if we only give ourselves the chance! “Dreamcatcher” was a true miracle to me. For nine years, I have been suffering from nightly attacks that obliterate any chance of a good night’s sleep. I have trichotillomania that manifests at night. After painting my beautiful lion’s face I would go to sleep with my head in the stars! I felt so at peace, even the psychiatric monster that haunts me couldn’t trap me. He was my Dreamcatcher, protecting me from all that terrified me. At the present time, lions are critically endangered. If we loose lions due to our destructive ways, we will loose the valuable wisdom they have to offer us. If we continue along this path of destruction these great teachers may only be able to guide us through our wildest dreams.

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Dimensions 40 × 60 in


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