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Currently In The Studio

I am so excited about my newest project! I’m doing two new elements in this painting, a human oil painting, and working from the reflection of a mirror! That’s right, I’m painting a self-portrait! This painting has brought me to venture new pathways but I’m up for the challenge. Stay tuned for the final painting, this one is going to be big.

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Eagle Watch Season!

I’m happy to announce that my painting, “Stardust”, will be on view in the Connecticut River Museum for the duration of the Eagle Watch Season! I’m so honored to be offered this wonderful opportunity! Here’s some details about “Stardust”…

“Stardust” $985.00

“Stardust” is an oil painting on a 8×10 wooden panel of a bald eagle. I created this piece in dedication of the eagle watch season in Connecticut this winter. I painted this while I was visiting my family in Texas. After painting all morning my little sister and I went on a walk to get some fresh air. We were treated with the extremely rare  surprise of seeing a wild bald eagle! He was perched on the top of a telephone pole looking like he ruled the skies. The sight was absolutely stunning. It is an experience that will forever live in my memory.

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Lyme Academy of Fine Art’s 42nd Annual Student Exhibition

in my wildest dreams w
“In My Wildest Dreams”, $1,200.00

My giraffe was  accepted into Lyme Academy’s Annual 42nd Student Exhibition! This is an exhibition that my art school has once a year and is going to be held in two locations this year! It’s had all of us Lyme artists buzzing around trying to get everything just right! Here are the specifications… 

Chauncey Stillman Gallery at Lyme Academy of Fine Art

Exhibition on view February 9 – March 31, 2018

Gallery Hours: Mon-Sat 10am – 4pm

Hygienic Basement gallery, New London

Exhibition on view March 10 – March 30, 2018

Closing Reception on Friday, March 30, 2018, 6-9 pm

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I am so grateful for my lovely experience at “Envision” and am honored to have been invited to become a RAW artist. My next RAW show will be in May at Houston, Texas. I met so many lovely people and I hope to keep some lasting friendships. I gained so much professional experience and I’m ready to take on these wonderful opportunities as they come! Thank you so much if you attended and came to my booth. Your support means so very much to me.


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Updates on my Final!

     Sorry it’s been so long! Well, I ended up finishing my painting! Here is the final creation…

Ringing Autumn copy for w

     This is a 16×16 inch oil painting of a lovely bluejay. I was inspired to paint an Autumn themed scene due to recently moving to Connecticut and experiencing the beauty of nature’s painted colors for the very first time. The deep ruby red and fiery orange hues left me breathless. I drove past this incredible view on the way back fromBluejays looked like dashing sapphires. They are one of the few species of birds that are known for collecting shiny objects, so I thought it would be fitting to have him ring the bells of Autumn!
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Starting a New Assignment (My Final!)

    I’m a current art student at Lyme Academy of Fine Art, located in Connecticut! I recently got the specifications of my final assignment for painting. It must be at least 16 inches in dimension and must incorporate three elements; a still life, a landscape, and an interior! I will update this blog as my newest piece comes to reality! I’m definitely going to incorporate this photo I took from the side of the road on my way back from the car dealership….