Artist Statement

     I create because it makes me feel like I hold a string in the ever-weaving tapestry of life. I feel honored to have the opportunity to create my work so I may grasp the ability to touch  others at a sentimental level. Nature plays a fundamental role in all of my art. I am constantly inspired by moments of striking beauty that I am fortunate enough to witness. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to create every one of them; I always must choose wisely.

     Animals are so inspiring to me. I am fortunate to experience life beside my loving horse, Keynai. His guidance as well as difficulties have taught me essential valuable lessons. I strive to express the emotions of animals and tell their stories through my artwork. I feel so touched to share their stories with others so seemingly out of reach.

     By the strokes of my brush, I wish to share my passion for nature and animals. My paintings show others the way they exist through my eyes. By crafting elegance and telling stories, I hope to bring fascination and wonder to every person I can reach.