Winter’s Chill Brings the Warm Holiday Season

It’s been awhile! I have quite a few updates to share! The cozy holiday spirit is among us! I hope everyone is making joyful memories with friends and family this December!

 I have a few unfortunate life flurries to share… Recently I have surgery on my right hand to save two of my fingers! I had a nasty bloop with my blender… All is good though, I can hold a paintbrush without an issue! I thought I could stay in one piece for a while but just the other day I found myself in the emergency care unit… So how did I manage to do that? Well, I slipped down my wooden staircase and earned myself a fractured spine and a bucketloads of excruciating pain. Here we go again… I’m back on the healing journey to recovery! It feels quite similar to when I was recovering from broken ribs. I think it is safe to say I’m a bit accident prone…

There are oodles off gift possibilities through Fine Art America! Don’t want to invest in an original painting? Discover creative gift ideas bring my artwork into your life! There are all kinds of goodies from snuggly fleece blankies to special mugs for your hot chocolate! The holiday season is a special time to remind those you love just how special they are! 

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