Our Final Month of Summer!

Bright red flowers.
Goodness, a lot has happened since my last post! Well firstly, let’s embrace the relaxing season of Summer! Don’t we all have fond childhood memories exciting rush that would come when school closed for the summer break! When I was young my mother would bring my sisters and I to Hobby Lobby to buy supplies to fuel our creative endeavors! Hobby Lobby was the place of summer joy! I still feel that little rush of excitement when buying art supplies from there from time to time. Those are some of my favorite memories and of course they are right next to those wonderful times when we would sunbath after swimming and my mother would come outside in a sundress and serve us some freshly cut, delicious watermelon! What are your favorite summer memories?!
Local Oregon organic strawberries.
Local Oregon strawberries are my favorite!
I’m 20 Now! I had some beautiful strawberries for a cake! It was my birthday on the 24th! Looks like I no longer qualify as a teenager but I will always be a child at heart! It was my first birthday away from my family but Kiwi, Kenyai, and I celebrated like the happy mini family we are! If one of us has a birthday, it’s like we all have a birthday!  But no worries, we don’t age at a tripled speed! That would be rather unfortunate…
The Blood Moon was insane!
Unfortunately the forest fires have begun… The night after my birthday was horrifying. I stepped outside at sunset to find myself in a hazy grey fog that was suffocating. The field looked gloomy and spooky… That night I woke up and looked up at the night sky. The moon was a flaming shade of orange! It was quite terrifying… The following morning the mountains were hiding in a blanket of dense fog and the sun was an angry deep shade of red. It’s all been very bizarre…

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