Events: The Rising Seas

The Britt Orchestra preforming at night.

I attended my very first performance by the Britt Festival Orchestra! Britt commissioned me to do two pieces for their summer series, “Sound of Nature”.
I did one for Beethoven’s 6th Movement and another on Debussy’s “La Mer”. Last night I attended “La Mer”! I’ve been published in their official 2019 souvenir program! I’m so honored! Thank goodness the air quality has cleared and the weather was lovely. The event was at the Britt Gardens in Jacksonville, OR. I’ve never experienced anything that could compare with that night! My friend was so kind to join me! We huddled under a soft blanket on the grassy lawn under the twinkling stars. The music was phenomenal and it felt like the surrounding nature was humming to the performance. The trees swayed and the mountains echoed. The animals peered out in curiosity. During the intermission, I stood by my paintings and got the privilege to speak with some of the spectators. It was a pleasure meeting Teddy Abrams, the passionate conductor who makes the magic possible! The whole night seems like it was only a sweet dream. Could I really have been braiding my friend’s soft, gold-tinted hair as the beautiful melody composed long before my existence filled the night sky? Sometimes reality and the dream realm blend into one. Dreams certainly can come true…

My Creations for Britt

“Blossoming Sweethearts” $900.00

“Blossoming Sweethearts”

This is an 11×15 inch watercolor painting of two lovely palomino horses. This piece is a part of my series entitled “Spirits of Animalia”. Creating the spirits of animals is such a fascinating endeavor for me. I absolutely love envisioning the animal’s soul and how it can be portrayed to reveal their personal qualities. These sweethearts are cantering in the midst of a Japanese cherry blossom tree. I wanted to portray the joyful love the horses share for each other through the means of hidden symbolism. The entirety of the tree forms the shape of a heart and the branches delicately form two small hearts, giving both horses their own heartbeats. “Blossoming Sweethearts” was inspired by Beethoven’s 6th movement, “Pastoral”. This delightful symphony makes my heart flutter with joy. I have such fond memories of my elementary teacher playing it in our classroom to create a ambient atmosphere. I can vividly imagine the immense beauty Beethoven must have witnessed when escaping to the Austrian countryside! I can smell the sweet aroma of the wildflowers in the meadows and hear the hoofbeats of cantering horses like the dancing beat of my heart. Nature is constantly gives us such precious little gifts, from the welcoming shelter of a tree to the humble buzzing of a bumblebee.

“Spirited Sea” $1306.00

“Spirited Sea” was inspired by Debussy’s “La Mer”. This watercolor painting is a part of my series titled “Spirits of Animalia”, focusing on spirit animals in our beautiful natural world. This intense piece truly expresses the mysterious wonder of the sea. From serene calm water by the port to crashing waves in a perilous storm, I can nearly feel what it must be like to be water. The fluidity and liveliness of water gives the sea such variance depending on the atmosphere. The sea can be soothing as well as strike terror into the deepest depths of your soul, yet it is always beautiful. It has been quite a while since I’ve submerged into the healing water of the Ocean. After this piece, I can almost hear the birdcalls in distant waves and smell the calming salty aroma of the ocean spray drifting in the wind… It’s as though the Ocean is calling me.

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