Welcome to Silver Key Creations

“I hope my creations give a glimpse of the world of beauty that I wish to cherish for generations to come. Let’s protect the planet and keep it safe for all that call it home. We are all interconnected. By saving them, we will heal an aching part of ourselves.”

-Safa Qureshi

I create my artwork to sew my part in the ever-woven tapestry of life. I wish to create something that can touch others at a sentimental level. I feel like my artwork is a small piece of something much greater. My purpose on the planet is to contribute to the protection of the natural world by spreading compassion and awareness. My paintings share my burning passion for all of our Earth’s animals. By the strokes of my brush, I wish to inspire others to take notice of the fauna that cross our paths, as well as those out of reach. My paintings reveal animals as they exist through my eyes. I portray their magnificent aura that may often go unseen. The natural world is in a fragile state. It is up to us to come together to heal our home.

All of my fine art is dedicated to my life’s work of cherishing the animals that are in need of our loving care around the world. I contribute to selected organizations that are making phenomenal efforts in protecting endangered wildlife and the planet.

Safa Qureshi walking beside her beautiful white horse in the springtime.
I am grateful to live in the beautiful valley surrounded by the mountains in Southern Oregon…

Become a part of the Journey

By purchasing and supporting my work, you will join me on the winds of change to healing our precious planet for all the call it home. Let’s dance along this journey of life staying true to our mother earth and treating our animal friends with kindness and respect. Change begins within the heart. Together we can share the same heartbeat of life.

Animals and Nature are my vital source of life. Animals fill me with fluttering joy and nature grounds me. They are highly sentient beings with wisdom to be shared through a language shared between all life. I strive to express their emotions and tell their stories through my artwork. Experiencing life alongside my animal companions is truly a gift. My horse and bird remind me that we all deserve affectionate loving care. They help me find peace in my heart and live in the present moment. Animal guidance makes me a better human.